LIFE magazine captures some of the first moments of competitive gaming in the early 1980s. Photo Courtesy of LIFE and Classic Arcade Gaming.

The promotions of competitive gaming in the early 2000s can be traced back to the 1970s and 1980s. Though scholars of game studies are recognizing arcades back then, there is still little information on eSports birthplace and progression to current time where demand is increasing for it.

On January 8th, 1983, one of the first established marketing and invitational of a gaming competition was called the 1983 North American Video Game Challenge.  That’s Incredible televised the competition on American Broadcasting Company (ABC). The arrangement of how to compete was quite unique to an unfamiliar problem, nothing like this has been done before. Five different single-player games as two-player (multi-player) games were rare at the time were played. Many of these games were competitive through how many points the player could get in a game. The scores are assigned to be broken and compared to other players’ scores. Another aspect is that the competitors play at the same time and race to each game and passing through the finish line. Here’s the video below showing the beginnings of what would lead to eSports.

Having arcade tournaments and early eSports events was helped by the development of video game consoles and the advancement of computers. The business of games went on to be a hands-on, becoming an event marketing tool for enterprises where advertising growth brought up to the center stage. Though self-contained, eSports events are becoming more common with the addition of popular video games, they’re seen in major trade shows, press conferences, and orchestras that travel performing soundtracks from video games. The demonstration of competitive gaming advances playing a role in maintaining gaming industry’s marketing event system.

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 date. Photo Courtesy of Electronic Software Association

In 2014 eSports, NewScienctist magazine looks into the numbers provided by IHS Technology a firm producing market research for the year in competitive gaming. Viewers have spent 2.4 billion hours watching eSports videos, live streamed globally.  By 2018 it is estimated that the number of viewers could go up to 6.6 billion, it’s an increase of 4.2 billion viewers. Chen Zhihao a member of the Chinese team Newbee had become the highest paid eSports player with 1.1 million in earnings since 2011.

The problem  for current eSports teams is keeping them together, it also leads to how does one own an eSports team and navigate the complexity of rights in professional competitive gaming. In other sports the ownership of a player’s physical performance come to to mind. Once Cyberathletes contracts are up, many companies put down lucrative amount of money to have them sponsor their products and join their teams.  The essence of competition among sponsors creates a different and complex arrangement for valid analysis. Contracts are still eSports making those who are looking to get signed by a sponsor with a bit of risk as The Daily Dot explores League Championship Series contracts.

Another problem where eSports is an idea where expanding and exploring the entertainment framework valuable feature an ever-present and resulting in difficulties of administering rights system. Copyright is ill equipped to deal with the number of issues from users engaging and sharing information among one another.

In the final part, the discussion of eSports will move on into the future, how it affects entertainment, and adaption of real sports in eSports.


League of Legends Championship 2015 Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

There will be a series of articles focus on the growing phenomenon of eSports. The series is to help people (non-gamers/gamers) to get a better understanding of eSports and why it should be considered a real sport. In this particular part will discuss about the progressing of eSports.

What is eSports? ESports is a more upscale version of the multiplayer competitive play over video games. It also can go by a number of names: competitive gaming,  cyber sports, electronic sports, and professional gaming. There are also different levels which consist of amateur, semi-professional, and professional gaming. There are leagues as well from Major League Gaming  (MLG)in the U.S. to Cyberathelete Professional League (CPL) popular in Asia and European Gaming League in Europe (EGL).

Though there is some division in the gaming community, the community is starting to consider Electronic sports (Esports) a competitive sport because it has all the following qualifications:

Sponsorship: ESports are being sponsored like any other “traditional” sports. The amount people getting into professional gaming is on the rise, leading to them creating teams. These teams are attracting companies (ex: Samsung) that are willing to sponsor them for advertisement purposes. Though the amount of money isn’t as gigantic as other sports, sponsorship is still profitable to both sides.

Samsung’s Sponsored Teams for League of Legends, Photo Courtesy of

As for individual cyber athletes, especially former cyberathlete Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft interviews Fatal1ty and others on the world of competitive gaming and the amounts sponsorship it’s attracting to themselves as seen in the video. The video demonstrates how people playing games as a leisure activity to  people who are able to fulfill their life’s goal by training or being the best in the world.

Training and Skills: The amount of  hours put into training sessions to get qualified is rigorous. In particular, games like Starcraft II, South Korean players have training camps and play ten plus hours a day. To qualify for Esports team tournaments and have sponsors look at them, the teams must have an extensive hours of training. They practice together to learn their strengths and weaknesses as a group and individually. Even finding out what games they play to a near professional extent helps where teammates are skilled in certain areas needed. There is also a coach who helps the team by instructing, supervising, and attains sponsors for them to purchase first-rate equipment that benefits the teams’ ability to play.

Playbox eSports Center in Malaysia, where teams can practice & consider types of strategies. Photo Courtesy of IGN

Douglas Heaven, a writer for New Scientist interviews one of the Gfinity event organizer Martin Wyatt.

Pro video gamers are no less dedicated than mainstream athletes, says Wyatt. To become the best golfer in the world you have to spend hour upon hour on the driving range. “These guys do exactly the same,” he says. “There’s no difference in skill level between these guys and the very best sportspeople in the world.”

Even injuries can happen to the cyberathletes, especially if it’s dealing with their hands. Injuries can be career ending as a professional sports player drastically end up injured physically and/or mentally. The majority of eSports consist of having swift ability to react in matter of seconds, even a minute is considered to be too slow in many of the games. Recently, Engadget reported the very popular League of Legends player and Captain of Cloud9 Hai Lam has decided to retire due to consistent wrist injury. In the video below by Gamespot he discusses his decision and what it will mean for him and his fans.

A frequent debate against eSports is the lack of required physical activity. There are plenty of traditional sports that do not require an eminence physical activity such as Chess and Poker.  A sport consist of an individual or team competition through leagues, the formula that’s always followed is where the best team ends up the victor over the course of the event.

In the next part on eSports will give a overview of it’s very beginning.

One of the Movie Posters for the Gundam The Origin

At the end of February, one of the most anticipated OVA (Original Video Animation) premiered on the internet. Mobile Suit Gundam Origin I: Blue Eyed Casval celebrates the upcoming 35th anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam. The first film in the mini-series goes back to take a detailed looked of one the most famous antagonist in anime history Char Anzable.

The storyline goes to tell the audience how Casval (Char as a child) becomes an ace pilot and how revenge fills his childhood. The film is done by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko who illustrated and wrote the manga by the same name. Yasuhiko role is the chief director with Katsuyuki Sumisawa as the scriptwriter and the director Takashi Imanishi a veteran from Sunrise. The official website for the movie had a 7-minute video of the English dubbed (edit: video turned private so has been replaced). Production started back in 2011 for the OVA series

The film has been distributed by Anime Consortium Japan worldwide. The film will release on Blu-Ray on April 24th and has an export pre-order edition. The limited edition will include Japanese and English dubbing, and subtitles in Japanese, English, French, Korean, Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and Simplified Chinese.

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The next film Mobile Suit Gundam Origin II: Artesia’s Sorrow has been slated for Fall 2015 from collector edition advertising. There are three more films left to complete the series.

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Followed by a leaked video found the IGN’s Italian branch, Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain reveals a worldwide release date of September 1st, 2015. It’s not as surprising that the game would be coming out this year. There has been plenty of info on the game the past few months and plenty of interviews with Kojima. The reveal of the game came out in 2012 at the Spike Video Game Awards as just The Phantom Pain with no relations of being a Metal Gear game. Even with the leak, there’s still plenty of info and surprise announcements for the game. One being the PC’s release date is September 15.

A video has gone up in recently taking a more in depth look at Metal Gear Online multiplayer game play. The trailer shows plenty of action from mini metal gears, perplexing items, and the player being able to customize their character. The video also runs at a 60 frames per second,which has come up as a heated topic with the next-gen consoles are going onto their second year. A number of game developers and publishers are starting to cancel games on the PS3 and Xbox 360 for the difficulty of dealing with aging technology in those consoles.

Konami and Sony Computer Entertainment have revealed a special edition Playstation 4 in Japan’s market. The schematics of the console resemble the colors of Big Boss’s prosthetic arm while the controller has the Diamond Dogs symbol represented. It’s still unknown if the system will come over to the West as it hasn’t appeared on the official website.

Speaking of special edition and Big-Boss’s color armed, a Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain collector edition has also been announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The collector’s edition will include: Half Scale Replica of Snake’s Bionic Arm, Collectible Steel Book, Behind the Scenes Documentary & Trailers Blu-ray Disc, physical MAP, Exclusive Packaging DLC items: WEAPON & SHIELD PACK, CARDBOARD BOXES, SNAKE COSTUMES X 4 and Metal Gear Online items.

The collector’s edition will run around $100 in the United States. There’s just so much Metal Gear goodies that will keep the hardcore fans excited till September. Don’t forget to pre-order.

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