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Hong Kong and Southeast Asia KOF Homepage.

Many fans have waited for more information on SNK’s The King of Fighters XIV. The team has delivered as much content as they can with over 12 trailers out showing off new characters and old one from other SNK games. The resurrection of SNK’s may not have been possible if not being purchased by the Chinese company Leyou Millenium last year.

This may have played into the way SNK setup Hong Kong/ Southeast Asia’s The King of Fighters XIV website is set up differently. Not because of the language difference, but the website includes many images that can be used on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and etc.)

KOF14 Icons

For fighting game fans. especially those of SNK would enjoy downloading all of these free images from the website for their collection. Also the images give a look at some of the characters that haven’t gotten any gameplay yet. SNK’s  The King of Fighters XIV will release in North America August 23, 2016, while Japan will receive it August 25, 2016 on the Sony’s Playstation 4. Watch the invitation trailer just released to catch up on all the action below.

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Capcom has given the release date for the North America version of Monster Hunter Generations. July 15th, 2016 leaving only a month and half away from its release. Not only has Capcom decided to release the game, they have also announced they will be bringing over Nintendo’s New 3DS XL: Monster Hunter Generations edition. Fans of Monster Hunter series have waited months to a year behind the latest game from Capcom.







As pictured above, the New Nintendo 3Ds XL will come in two colors. The blue will come to North America, while the red will come to Europe. A big difference this time around from the previous limited 3DS will be these portable systems will not have the game included leaving the America one to come out at $199.99.

There will be four Hunting Styles, 20 hunting locations, and more from Monster Hunter Generations. A demo of the game will be making its debut in the summer before the game comes out for gamers to try it. Check out the video above to see an in-depth game play and what they brought to the next installment of the series.

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